Chana Masala (on toast)

There are plenty of recipes available on internet for a perfect chana masala- dry or in a curry. All of them (or 99% of them) suggest to serve it with a rice, any kind of Indian bread or even potatoes. I’ve come up with a slightly different, new way of serving it. As I live in the UK, one of the most easy and popular dishes here is beans on toast. So…. why not to replace beans with chana and make chana on toast! Indian dish with a British twist 🙂 Let’s try it!

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Simple Dal

Dal (Daal), according to me, is the most common, traditional and famous Indian dish (next to rice and rotis/chapatis). Dal is a term used for dried, split legumes/pulses ( such as lentils, beans and peas). However, in Indian cuisine it refers mostly to lentils and any dish made from these.
There are many types of lentils. You can make the whole lentil rainbow, because there are so many different colours of lentils 🙂 There are white, yellow, red, green, brown and even blue lentils (grown in France and Italy)!

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BROCCOLI SOUP-honestly tasty :)

Broccoli is extremely healthy vegetable full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. On the other hand, let’s be honest and admit- it doesn’t have the best taste. In fact, it tastes bland. I like to eat it simply cooked and slightly salted from time to time. My son and my husband don’t want to even hear or look at poor, lovely, green broccoli. What should I do then? I really want to make them eat it. So…. let’s hide it 🙂 What’s the best way to hide it? Soup!!! 🙂

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PANCAKES/CREPES- easy and simple

Pancakes….aaahhh…. people write poems about them, express their eternal love and get crazy when they see pancake shop or street crepe stand. I am like that! My son loves them too.

Pancakes take time to make, but when your kid is hungry, you don’t have much time in your hand. My eggless recipe is extremely simple, yet tasty and healthy. Perfect for a busy mum.

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Khichdi (in my own style)

I have never heard about Khichdi until I met my husband. No, wrong! Until I went to India, fell sick and then my mum-in-law prepared this dish for me for the first time as a light, but nutritious meal.

In India, Khichdi is the most common dish served to babies and toddlers. It’s very simple, easy to prepare and healthy- perfect for a busy mum 🙂

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