There are so many topics I want to write about, so many issues I want to discuss, but this one has been stuck in my head for months or years now. Everytime I watch TV news or a programme about this issue, I appreciate my life more and more. I realise I don’t have any real problems in life and I should be thankful to God for everything.

Let’s start from beginning. Ask yourself a question or a few questions:

  • What is your biggest worry today- right now, at this moment?
  • What was your biggest problem yesterday or a few days ago?
  • Did you complain recently about your life?
  • Did you complain recently about your job/your partner/your child/your other family members/your friends/your neighbours/the place you live in/the country you live in/the government/the National Health Service etc.?


Well… I did ask myself these questions and here are my asnwers.

One of my biggest worries today (wish I could have only one!) is whether my child is falling ill or not. He was waking up at night, bit coughing and had a blocked nose, so currently that is my number one issue. Is he ill or not?

My biggest problem yesterday was to decide whether we fly by plane or we take a car to see my parents in April.

My biggest problem a few days ago was the theme for my son’s 3rd birthday party, because theme party invitations should be sent to all guests by now. Should it be Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam? Of course, I was not the one who makes the final decision. My son has decided  after a long debate within himself 😛

Yes, I did complain about certain parts of my life recently.

Yes, I did complain about one of our neighbours and the National Health Service yesterday.

Huh… That is my confession- honest answers. What about you???

Now, let’s imagine I don’t live where I live. I don’t have this life, this house, this car, this public health service, this comfortable and peaceful life. What’s worse- I don’t have any house or car at all and I can only dream about a visit to doctor for my child. My biggest problem is safety of my family and food for the next day……

This is reality of many families around the world, especially in war-torn countries. I am not talking only about Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, but also about Ukraine, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Somalia, Pakistan or even Myanmar.

I cannot express how strong are my emotions (anger/sadness/heartache/mercy) whenever I see videos or pictures of children- hurt, frightened, ill, hungry…. or other people in the same position. I does affect me. I feel like I have to do something- either send money to help them or to do something else. If I didn’t have my own family, I would probably go there on the front line and try to help as much as I could do.

I don’t want to write here about the ongoing refugee crises in Europe or rather humanitarian disaster. I want to emphasise something else- how lucky and happy we are. We- people living in countries where having a roof over the head, a food on the plate and a peace outside window is taken for granted. Our problems are incomparable to those struggling to live everyday. Can you imagine my problems- should we fly or should we drive to Poland? Should it be Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam as a birthday theme? How trivial they are!!! How not important!!!

“Life is full of give & take. Give thanks & take nothing for granted”

I know our life is just the way it is and these small funny problems are our daily issues that we encounter. That’s why I do appreciate my live. Although life is not always beautiful and we also sometimes struggle with some serious problems, we cannot complain overall. We have our freedom, our rights, all material things necessary for a good life, more or less good health, family and friends around. Let’s be grateful and thankful to God for everything. I AM !!!

What about you? Do you realise some of your problems are also trivial?

So when you have a bad day and you start complaining about your life- think about others. Think about those living on the edge of life and death everyday, about orphans left with nothing, about people seriously hurt dying in pain for days… I know it is depressing and you don’t have a magic stick to help all of them. Of course, you can help some of them and I encourage you to do so! You can support financially specific organisations, you can sponsor certain initiatives, you can (if you have certain skills) go there and help directly, you can adopt a child or you can just pray for all of them.

Then look at your life and start appreciating it. Don’t worry about small issues. Be grateful for what you have, who you are and where you are. Start from today. First, help others then be thankful for your life. You will see- tomorrow will be brighter and you will feel happier.

“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale”.

Wale Ayeni


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Life Abroad in Mixed Marriage / Interracial Family- the fabulous fusion of cultures, races, religions and many more-travel, food & parenting :)

4 thoughts on “I AM SO GRATEFUL!!!

  1. You got a great Blog! Let me add a famous saying “Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift from god,thats why its called the Present !”,so treasure the present.

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