As described before, The Algarve is situated in the southernmost region of continental Portugal. It is famous for beautiful coastline, sandy/golden beaches, breathtaking cliffs, hidden caves, scalloped bays and fantastic sunny weather. It is perfect destination for family holidays!

You can read my previous post about the Algarve here- ALGARVE (PORTUGAL) part 1. You can find there plenty of photos from Quarteria, Vilamoura and Faro. In the current post, I will focus on the most beautiful places to see in this region- the breathtaking views of cliffs, bays, caves and beaches.


There are so many, so wonderful beaches in the Algarve, it’s impossible to see all of them while travelling with 18 months old baby. I remember reading one leaflet saying there are over 150 beaches to choose from! But they aren’t just simple ones with long streches of soft, golden sand and sea water around them.Of course, that’s there as well 🙂 However, the most scenic and spectacular are views of high cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with  secluded coves and caves hidden at their bottom. Limestone rock stacks create unforgettable, photogenic formations. Each beach has unique character and its own charm. You will fall in love immediately with this place, as soon as you see it!

We have visited several beaches. Some of them we admired just from top. We couldn’t walk down with pram and baby. Others, accessible by car or by short walking distance, we managed to see properly 🙂


This beach is located between Albufeira and Carvoeiro. It was one of our first stops that day. Views from top of the cliff were amazing. Luckily, there was a tiny road leading towards the beach, so we drove down. As you remember from the previous post, we rented a car for the whole stay in the Algarve. According to me (us), it’s the best way to travel with baby.



By the time we reached the beach, Fabi was already hungry. We had to stop to feed him and change him. We had a lunch break at the Vilarinho Restaurant located literally on the beach. When you sit there, you feel like in a dream. You can see golden sand and turquoise water in front surrounded by huge cliffs topped with green pines around. This was definitely the place to remember. Moreover, I had there the best fish soup ever! I love fishes, but I’m not a fan of fish soup. Although my Mum is a great cook, my childhood memories with fish soups aren’t good (sorry Mum! :P). Anyways, just to try something light I ordered fish soup. It was so tasty with so many flavours that I do recommend to everyone to try it 🙂




It’s also located between Albufeira and Carvoeiro. It’s one of the most spectacular, most scenic and most amazing places/views I have ever seen. Well, now I know why it’s one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It features naturally formed amazing seastacks and arch rock formations off the shore. You can find there hidden coves and caves as well as lovely beach at the bottom of the cliffs. To access the beach, you have to use a set of steep steps. We didn’t go down (maybe in the future :)), just admired everything from the top. This place is a gem!!






Unfortunately, we didn’t make it this time. That’s why we definitely want to come back here, take a boat trip and see this amazing grotto of Benagil/ Benagil Sea Cave. For most of us, it’s gonna be once in a lifetime experience.





It’s a perfect holiday destination. Lagos has charming historic city centre, long stretches of sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and plenty of shops/restaurants/hotels.


However, the most famous places in Lagos are again rock stacks formations off the shore.


It is another spectacular and breathtaking area that creates the southern headland of Lagos. It features again sea stacks, stone arch formations as well as sea caves/grottos carved into sandstone cliffs. Even if you cannot walk down to the bottom (another long set of steep steps), it’s enough to just sit there and enjoy the view- like we did :). If you want to really explore cliffs and their hidden treasures- take a boat ride. You won’t regret it!



At the end of tiring day, a glass of hot milk is well deserved 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the Algarve together with us 🙂 We definitely plan to visit this region again the future. Besides wonderful places and amazing views, we found the Portuguese very friendly. Overall, it was an awesome holiday 🙂

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